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Name:Siglen OOC Community
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Community description:An OOC community for siglen_dressing.


the city that never sleeps alone

Whenever you go through any constructed opening -- a door, a window, the top of a barrel -- you are traveling through a portal. And whenever you travel through a portal, you have a very small, really less than miniscule chance --

-- of coming out in Siglen.

When you emerge on the street, someone finds you. They smile understandingly and give you directions to where you need to go. They're kind and stubborn people, the natives of Siglen, and they will get you there.

And when you make your way to the Reception Bureau, they smile understandingly, and explain to you how you came to be here. They equip you with a device to help you get around; booklets explaining this unique city; a change of clothes, a kit of necessities, a place to stay, even a job.

Then they say, "By the way. About the miasma..."
Siglen is a panfandom dressing room, with adult themes, for adult players. There's no need to apply, just hop in and join the fun!

1. Play nice, be respectful of other players, and don't godmod. We all want this to be a fun and wank-free environment.
2. Expect there to be multiple copies of characters. This is a dressing room that's open for anyone to play in. If you don't like a particular interpretation of a character, just leave them alone.
3. This game revolves around sex, so players must be 18.
4. Characters of any age or species may play! They will not be affected by the miasma unless they are at least 16 years old and humanoid. (Though aged up or human-ified characters are totally welcome if you want them to be affected.) Please don't write sexy logs with characters who can't be affected by the miasma.
5. Characters may or may not be affected by the miasma at any given time, and players may or may not be looking for smut. Please mark posts with your character's condition and your preferences.
6. Have fun, and play to your heart's content.
Note: Since this community is very new, it lacks tags for many canons. If your canon is not represented in the tags, please do the mod a favor and suggest it here. Thank you for your help!
What is Siglen like? -- What is Miasma? -- Other FAQS
Main Community -- OOC Community
Go here or contact [personal profile] siglen_modding with any comments or suggestions.
Concept for this dressing room credited to the original creators of Siglen City.

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